Fetcroja is available to order through Alliance Healthcare.

The PIP code for the product is 4156063. Orders to Alliance Healthcare should be submitted electronically. Your PMR system will generally be preconfigured to place an order with Alliance Healthcare. If you cannot transmit via PMR, then use the following contact details:

Email: customerservice@alliance-healthcare.co.uk

Telephone: 0330 100 0448 

Fax: Retail Customers 01773 819321 or Hospital Customers 01773 813296

If you need an urgent order of Fetcroja out of hours, this needs to be placed over the phone by calling the number above and following the prompts. You will need your account number, PIP code, a contact phone number and your registered delivery address to place an order.

If you require further information about Fetcroja please email your Key Account Manager.

PP-UK-FDC-0757 | January 2023